Legal Notice (T&C's)

Terms and Conditions of Hire.


The “Client” means the person or company booking the booth for hire.


By making a booking with Amazing Memories, it is deemed the client has fully read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions.

  • In the event of circumstances preventing Amazing Memories from attending the booked event a full refund will be made.
  • In the unlikely event of a delayed start, a refund will be made reflecting the time of the delay. No additional compensation will be paid.
  • All bookings are subject to a £50.00 non-refundable deposit. The final balance is to be paid in full no later than two weeks prior to the event date.
  • All cancellations will be subject to the following cancellation charges:

Within six weeks of the event date 50%

Within four weeks of the event date 75%

Within two weeks of the event date 100%

  • The client is fully responsible for agreeing prior to the event that Amazing Memories can attend and operate on the event premises. The client is also responsible for ensuring adaquate parking is available for the safe unloading and loading of the booth.
  • The booth will be set up in the agreed location, and once set up cannot be relocated.
  • Event location within a 30 mile radius of Kidderminster will not incur any additional cost. For events outside of this radius, a travel fee may be included, but will be disclosed when confirming the booking.
  • Any photos taken during the event may be used by Amazing Memories for any advertising requirements and will be also be uploaded on different forms of social media.
  • Amazing Memories reserve the right to terminate the booth hire if at any time the booth attendant deems the behaviour of the client or guests of the client are endangering the hired equipment or the safety of the attendant In these extreme circumstances no refund will be made.
  • Children are allowed to use the photo booth, and pictures can be adjusted to accommodate smaller children, however, please note that children must be supervised with a parent or guardian when using the booth.
  • Any offers, bookings or reservations redeemed through Facebook or a third party booking service must adhere to the terms and conditions set above.


Should you have any queries related to our term and conditions please feel free to discuss them by contacting Emma on 07496 386867.


Questions and answers

Got a question? Hopefully below we can cover your query...


Are the photo booths easy to use?

Yes! - The idea of the booths is that they are easy to operate no matter who is using them. All you do is enter the booth (with your props!), close the curtain and select your option! It really is that simple. Your photos will then be taken, printed and you can collect them from the outside slot. Should you or your guests have any issues, there will always be an attendant on hand to help.


How long do you stay at the event and is the attendant included with the hire price?

The length of the hire is dependent on the agreed terms prior to the event between Amazing Memories and the client. Our attendants are fully trained in the setup and operation of the photo booth and are included in the package price. The attendant will be responsible for ensuring you and your guests have as many crazy moments as possible, and they will make the album for you to cherish.


Does the photo booth take lots of time to be assembled?

Normal assembly of the booth takes around 30 minutes, however, Amazing Memories like to arrive an hour before the agreed booth hire time to ensure that the booth is primed and ready for you and your guests to make the most of your agreed hire. We ask the venue knows prior to the event you have hired a booth and that we are able to park and assemble in good time.


What is the maximum number allowed into a booth?

The booths are designed to allow around 6 adults in them, however, if you’re all friends, and don't mind squeezing together then you could fit a few more in. As long as you and your guests are careful, the pictures will be awesome!


What do you require from us or the venue?

Space! The booths are quite large in size, and they will require room to be set up adequately. The oval booths require a minimum of 1.5 metres width and 2.5 metres length. We will also require access to a power main in order for the booth to operate. If you select the album or keyring package, we will also require a small space for a table.


Are the prints included in the price and is there a limit of how many prints we can use?

Yes and No! Yes the prints are included in the price agreed for the hire of the booth and no, there is no limit on how many prints you have. The number of prints will all depend on you and your guests and how much you wish to use the booth!! The print copies will vary on the package you book; this will be agreed before hire. Should we run out of print paper, the attendant will happily fill up the printer and the photo booth craziness continues. 


Do the prints have an option of colour or black and white?

The colour and style of the print is completely upto you and your guests.  The booths we operate have the facility of choosing a colour or black or white print, each time you or your guest choose to use the booth, they will just need to select their choice on the touch screen and away they go, so each guest can have the choice of the style they require.


What type of printer do you use?

The best, our printers are Mitsubishi sub-dye printers, in our opinion, the best in the business. By using these printers your pictures will come out the same as you would would find in a photo booth on the high street, quickly printed and dry. By using a Mitsubishi printer you will have high quality photos for your guests and album.


Can extra copies be order or can we have copies of the pictures digitally?

Each event we have the pleasure of accompanying, we will have copies of all pictures taken uploaded online after the event, therefore your guests will have access to download these images freely. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours before these pictures are ready to view. You can also request your pictures on a DVD(at an additional cost).


Who can use the booths?

Moms, Dads, Aunt, Uncles, Grans, Pops, Nieces, Nephews.... the list goes on! If you have children at your event they are free to use it, however, we do insist they are accompanied by an adult.


Can I hire a booth if my event is not on the ground floor?

The design of our photo booths is to accomodate all requirements. Due to the build of the booth we can easily go into venues where the party is up stairs. So if your event is upstairs, do not worry, we accommodate your requirements.


How far do you travel?

Although Amazing Memories are based within the West Midlands, we are more than happy to travel to your event. Please contact us to discuss the options available as in some cases a mileage fee may apply.


So you now wish to book Amazing Memories, what happens next?

To confirm a booking with us we require a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 upfront. This can be made via cash, cheque* or PayPal. This will be deducted from the total, which will be required to be paid in full four weeks prior to the event.

* Please note all cheque payments must have the funds clear before the booking is confirmed. Once the cheque has cleared Amazing Memories will email a confirmation of booking to the client.


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